Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worth the Wait

Our sweet boy has been with us for over a month, and I haven't written ONE THING DOWN!! I want to document everything that I can remember (well, not the sleep deprivation...NO ONE wants to remember that!), to share with Jacob as he gets older. I promise to get on that this week.

Parenting has been the biggest challenge and greatest joy that I have ever experienced. This month has flown by and Jacob has changed so much. We have been blessed by too many people to count. Many people have told me that they've followed by journey on here (sorry for letting you all down this month), thank you so much for praying and reading.

One month ago, we were sitting in a Moscow hotel room with our son. Things were not going well, and this little boy who we had taken from everything that was familiar to him was not happy with us. We couldn't get him to stop crying. We couldn't get him to sleep. We could get him to eat, but when the food was gone he would only cry harder. We couldn't talk or reason with this 2 year old because he couldn't understand a word we said. He didn't want to be held because we were the source of his anger. We couldn't bring him outside because he would scream on the sidewalk. I can only imagine what this little guy was thinking. We were still strangers to him. People who had given him toys and goldfish crackers and then taken him from everything he knew. NOTHING was the same for him anymore. We were so angry with ourselves for hurting him in this way. We didn't have anyone to talk to but each other and God. We prayed all the time...begging God just to let him sleep. We pleaded with God to bring us home. We wondered if things would ever get better. We were scared too. We've never felt more helpless in all our lives.

One month later, Jacob is doing so well! He understands most of what we are saying (he chooses to ignore some things, like "no," for example :), he gets his point across when he wants us with words or actions (like dragging us there), he repeats everything we do. EVERYTHING. He giggles and laughs, and tries to make us laugh. He loves, loves, loves to cuddle. He learns new things every day and doesn't forget a thing. He no longer hoards food and even pushes it away now. He loves to go with mommy to the grocery store and doesn't eat the bananas whole like the first time, but now he helps the bagger to bag the groceries and waves goodbye to everyone we meet. He loves to sing in church, and doesn't try to "wake" people up by yelling when they are praying anymore. He laughs his head off when he passes gas (especially at the dinner table). He sleeps with three stuffies and is sucking his thumb more and more. He is our pride and joy and we can no longer imagine our life without him.

He is my answered prayer. He is God's goodness and faithfulness exemplified. He is my pride and joy. He was worth the wait.