Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oui, Oui...We're in Paris!!!!

We have survived our first long haul flight! Acutally, it wasn't bad at all...some yummy food and good movies...and one tin-tasting pill to give me 1.5 hours of sleep. We'll be off to Russia in about an hour.

The best part of the trip so far has been our wait in Toronto. I was so stressed about being on time that we arrived at Pearson and were through security with FIVE HOURS TO SPARE!!!!!! Needless to say we looked through every duty free shop known to man there. And my crazy type-A husband has never been more proud.

I can't believe that we're well on our way....

Keep on praying!!!!!


Tricia's Tellings said...

Good Luck you two!! There are so many people praying for you and your little man!!!!!!! enjoy your meeting!

Tereasa said...

B- I am so excited for you. I keep praying, praying, praying. It is going to be so hard to say goodbye. Just remember, it won't be forever. Then, when you finally bring Jacob home, THAT will be forever. Yes, yes, yes! I am so happy for you!

BTW, I want to know if you've read any of The Connected Child. If not, you better start soon! If you like it, I'll buy you a copy to keep.

Keep us posted as you get the chance! We love you!

Emily said...

Woo hoo!! Good luck girl - I've been thinking about you and Mark so much! And praying, of course!
Can't wait to hear all about Jacob!