Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I'm Here

I am joining the blogging club. I've always thought that those who spent their time typing had too much time on their hands. But I've got some things that I want to have written down and I am definately not one to sit and write in a journal. So, we'll give this a try.

My husband and I are beginning the process of adoption. I'll share more of what led us to this spot in a later post. For now, I want to begin to write down my thoughts and feelings so that I can share this with our future sons or daughters. I want to be able to look back and share our journey together. I hope too that others who are experiencing this process will read these posts and realize that they aren't alone. I might mix this in with some other tidbits of my life as I go.

The journey has begun. We are FILLED with excitement, anxiety, impatience and joy. We're wondering what you'll look like, we wonder if you're already born and, how old you'll be when we get to meet you. We wonder who'll you'll be more like. We dream about getting to introduce you to our family. We can't wait for you to be spoiled by them. I can't wait to show you your room and to decorate it with all of your favourite things! I am looking forward to our first family vacation (to Disney World, of course!), and our first Christmas (it starts in November here!). We look forward to introducing you to our wonderful Church family. I can't wait to take you to summer camp. I look forward to baking cookies with you, and building huge forts in our family room. We are praying for you and dreaming about you all the time! You are SO loved now and always. I hope to meet you soon!