Sunday, March 29, 2009

We went to a seminar this weekend held by the agency who is facilitating our adoption. What a great experience to be able to hear from adoptive parents who had JUST returned home with their children. We were able to see their little blessings and hear about their experiences in Russia. While it was stressful to hear about all of the hiccups that can (and will inevitably) occur in a foreign country where no one speaks your language, it was reassuring to hear these parents say that they were helped every step of the way. It was great to hear that the Russian orphanages took excellent care of these babies, providing them with vital early attachment experiences, a bright environment and excellent care. It was even greater to hear these parents say how much these little miracles have blessed their lives in such a short time, and how their pregnancy happened in their hearts as it grew waiting for their babies to come home. All of them were excited to adopt again.

My heart is growing every day. I pray that things go smoothly with the Ontario and Canadian government who have to give us official "permission" to be parents and allow us to bring a child into the country. I pray that God keeps us patient and calm as we wait (so far, some days are definitely better than others). Most of all, I pray that God blesses our little baby, the woman who is carrying (or has carried) him or her for us, and those who are caring for him in the orphanage. Thank you to all of you in cyberspace who have been remembering us in your prayers....please don't stop!



Caley said...

Dear Baby Kennedy,

Your auntie Caley is so excited for you to meet your mommy and daddy. They are some of the most special people in the whole world and you will be just as lucky to have them as they will be to have you. They have been praying for you for a long time and so have I. I know they have so much to tell you about, so much to teach you and so much to learn from you.
Your auntie Caley (with the help of your mommy) will teach you about the Beamsville Pizza Company, deals and steals shopping, and singing to God - these are the things your mom and I love to do together. I'll leave the fishing and financial planning to your daddy - he's really good at both of those :)
I love you already and can't wait to meet you!

Love, Auntie Caley