Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Hiccup

Okay, so first hiccup in the whole process. Unfortunately, the hiccup is that I am an idiot. I had to renew my passport in February. We wanted all of our paper work to be in order so that it's one less thing we have to worry about later on. I filled out all the forms and went all the way to Whitby and spent my Saturday morning standing in line waiting to get the process completed. I now have my nice new passport in my hot little hands.

Taking a closer look at everything but the photo, I noticed that my middle name wasn't included on the document. Nuts. No big deal, I search online and contact Passport Canada to let them know of their screw up. Well, they informed me that I neglected to include my full name on my passport, so I will need to redo EVERYTHING-photos, forms, guaranteers, line-standing, paying the fees- everything.

Who forgets to write down their middle name? Me, of course. I am the person who wears two different shoes to school, puts my pants on inside out, and wears my shirt backwards. So that I don't send my super type-A husband into a tizzy, lets hope this is the only hiccup due to my absentmindedness (or anything for that matter!).

On the plus side. I get to have a new passport pic taken. The last one was bad. Really bad.