Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Me Wednesday

Okay, okay, I know that I should be doing "Not Me" stuff on Mondays...but I had to get it out there today. Here it goes:

I did NOT wear my wedding dress at school today. Also, the buttons did NOT pop with every breath I took. I did NOT let one of my students try it on and chase others around pretending to kiss them. This would all be too silly and not good educational practice.

I did NOT gag as one of my sweet students ate a booger SO big that she actually had to chew it (it all honesty I DID try to stop her). I did NOT let her continue on after I realized that she probably would have spit it into my hand.

I did NOT begin to giggle uncontrollably after two of my students passed gas and I certainly did NOT let the rest of my class laugh as well (including the tooters of course). That would have taken too much time from my math lesson.

I do NOT love my job.



Lucy Marie said...

tehehe you make my laugh a little.