Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not Me...

I can't do the "Not Me" stuff on Mondays....all my embarrasing stuff happens during the week...so here it is:

I was NOT incredibly offended when my Grade 2s said that another teacher at school was their favourite. I did NOT proceed to shorten our math lesson, hand out freezies, and take the kids skipping in order to try to win them back. That would be stooping to their level...I am so above that!

I do NOT have one month worth of laundry sitting in my livingroom waiting to be folded. I do NOT have to come down every morning to grab clean underwear while leaving the rest of the stuff to be folded.

I did NOT eat an entire loaf of bread in one day.

I am NOT sitting here typing this and pretending to do work for an online course I am taking in hopes that Mark will start supper. NOT me!!!