Monday, September 7, 2009

Crushing Cancer....One km at a Time!

This weekend I will be participating in one of the most amazing events-The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. This will be my third time participating in the 60km walk, and I have know that it will be just as life-changing as my first two walks. Walking with my bestie (and her mom, who is going to kick our butts!) is going to be an honour. We walk through thick and thin in life....this walk illustrates that for me! I can't wait for 60kms of games, giggles and gossip!!!!

I began walking to honour the memory of my sweet Grandma who fought breast cancer with more courage and grace that I have ever seen. I saw the looks in the eyes of my family as we said good-bye to a woman who lived her faith with every breath, in all circumstances. I listened as my Grandma said good bye to her youngest daughter, knowing that would be her last opportunity to tell her daughter everything she wanted for her life. I saw how hard it was for my mom to worry about her mother and father. I see the loneliness in my Grandpa as he lives out his days without his wife. I never want to see that happen again. Not to my mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters, my friends, to me. I knew that I had to do something big to stop this terrible, terrible disease.

This year a little girl in my class lost her mom to that same terrible disease. While I know that progress is being made in the fight against cancer, little girls are still having to grow up without their mommies and that can't happen anymore. Some of my greatest friends have little ones, and I'll be walking with them in mind...hoping and praying that they will get to see their little ones grow up to have little ones too. I think about myself now too. I have waited so long to become a mommy and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I am there to see my little guy grow and develop and learn and love.

For my Grandma, for two little girls who are learning how to live without their mommy, for all of the amazing women who I am blessed to know, for my son's momma...this walk's for you!!


Lucy Marie said...

Whoo hoo!! I am so proud of you.

Emily said...

Very proud indeed! And a sweet reminder of those who have struggled with this disease. Good luck with the walk this weekend! Kick some butt...I mean boobies!