Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dirty Underwear

Here is how a conversation went with Mark and I last night...

Mark: I'm going to get it the shower. (Leaves pile of dirty clothes on the floor-comes out 5 minutes later, roots through same pile of dirty clothes...proceeds to PUT ON the same underwear he took of only minutes before...)

Becky: That is are putting back on your dirty underwear!

Mark: What's wrong wtih them? I just put them on this morning. (at 5am when he got is now 10:30pm...)

Becky: You have been sitting in them all've sweated, went to the bathroom (you get my drift...), in them!

Mark: I do this every night...I only change my underwear in the morning.

Becky: SO you are telling me that you put on dirty underwear every night after you shower?

Mark: Yes, they are still good.

Becky: That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. Please, please, please put on clean underwear.

Mark: Fine...(he puts on clean underwear, then tosses the dirty underwear on the floor beside him). These will be good for the gym tomorrow anyways.

Becky: Oh. my. goodness. (gags)

Is this normal male behaviour???


Lucy Marie said...

ha ha ha. That's just sick. Men are gross.

Rhonda said...

He just hasn't caught up with the 21st century. When I was a child everyone put on clean underwear for church on Sunday morning. Then we would change our underwear the next Sunday.