Wednesday, April 22, 2009

House a Home...Down to the Wire!!

Okay...I know that this is last minute....but I gotta get in on this house a home give a way from Lucy. Here are my top five...

1. My Kitchen. I LOVE my kitchen! It is a great size with plenty of cupboard and counter space. The best part about the kitchen is that it's connected to the family room, so even when there's company over, everyone is able to chat and visit, even if some of us are cooking or cleaning up.

2. Friends and Family. I have dreams of filling my currently empty dining room with a table for 12, and hosting many dinners there. I LOVE having people over. I love to hear my neices and nephew run around our house. I love to serve people a yummy dinner (I try anyways), and to sit around and talk with those we love. (I know this isn't a picture of our friends, but it's of their dog, and it proves that Mark DOES love dogs).

3. A Mess. I'm not going to lie...I don't deal with drop-in guests. This is strictly because I can not stay on top of keeping my house clean! I let the dishes pile up, the laundry pile up, the dust pile up....(you get the point). I know I am going to have to crack that habit before we have kids, but I would just rather do anything else than clean!! The best gift ever would be a housekeeper.

4. My King Size Bed! Mark and I bought a new bed this year (our joke is that we wore the first one out in our first year of marriage :). It is awesome!! I get super hot at night, and Mark is a flipp'n furnace, so it's been nice to have my own "cool" side of the bed. I also love getting to spread out as much as I want and not getting accused of stealing the covers!!!

5. My hubby. Of course, the biggest thing that makes my house a home is my hubby. Mark and I have moved three times in five years, and have been through a lot together during that time. We compliment each other perfectly. I know that as long as I have Mark by side, I can get through anything that life throws at me. (sorry that you have to turn your head to see this one...)


Emily MacKenzie said...

Great post B! I love the mess one (so honest and probably could be on all of our list's), and a king size bed! Woot!

Lucy Marie said...

Nice!! Thanks for entering. Check back tomorrow for the results.

Loren said...

I don't know you but I already like you! Love the mess and can SOOO relate to that one and I am soo much older than you and never changed :) Life is to short to mess with the mess...JK!
Will be praying for your adoption process too!