Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So after yesterday's downer, I thought I'd just add a little something to brighten things up. I had a student hand me their homework this morning (well, just a review sheet...we're not allowed to give "homework"). I took it from him as he said to me: "I did this on the toilet. I always do my homework on the toilet because I can think really well there. THe only problem is that my butt gets sweaty."

That. Is. Disgusting.

I love my job. Kids are awesome (disgusting, but awesome).

p.s. Thanks so much to those of you who commented/posted. I felt bad that you had to read it...but it means so much to know that you empathize with me. I like it even more that there are those of you who are willing to punch people for me! My life is a blessing and I have no regrets. Love you all...