Sunday, January 10, 2010

Showers of Blessings!

My sweet friends threw me my first shower yesterday. Many of them pooled their money together and got me a lot of stuff from my registry. All of them purchased books that were significant to them or their kids, or books they knew would be special to Jacob. I spent the day in shock and even today I'm still in shock that all of this was for me (well for him, but you get it). I am more than blessed to have these girls in my life, and so so grateful for their thoughtfulness.
I was browsing through the books that I got and I opened the cover of one called: "My Mom and Me." It wasn't the title that got me, it was what was written inside the front cover: This book belongs to Jacob Kennedy. Oh man, I have been VERY good at holding it together, but the tears started flowing. This book is his. These are the books that my little man is going to be reading (and colouring in, and ripping...) as he grows older.
I miss my guy more than I can even begin to put into words. I want to smell his freshly shampooed hair, and sit and colour with him at his teeny table. I want him to taste my chocolate chip cookies and meet all of the people who have been praying so long for him. I want him to read his books. I don't want to wait another day, another hour, another minute.


Tereasa said...

That is VERY cool!

Emily said...

Your shower was definitely the most special "baby" shower I've ever been too. I cannot wait to meet your little man!
Thanks for keeping us posted. Can't wait to hear "it's time!".